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Trilogy 100 Home Ventilator Therapy

Bluegrass Oxygen offers the Trilogy 100 Home Ventilator which provides long term mechanical ventilation for the management of chronic respiratory failure. Read More

Oxygen Therapy

If your physician has determined, based on your symptoms, physical examination, and laboratory tests, that you may benefit from the use of oxygen... Read More

Sleep Disorders Therapy

The consequences of sleep deprivation and undiagnosed sleep disorders are collectively one of our nation's biggest and most serious health problems... Read More

Neb Aerosol Therapy

Aerosol therapy is administered to deliver breathing medication directly to the surface of the breathing tubes and lungs. This is accomplished by breaking down the medication into a very fine mist so that it can be easily and effectively inhaled... Read More

Billing Inquiries

What is a deductible?

Deductibles are arranged with your insurance provider. You need to meet your deductible before your insurance coverage will pick up costs of medical equipment. Often we cannot provide exact information, though we will try. Please contact your insurance provider for further detail on your individual details.

What is Co-Insurance?

Co-insurance is the amount that you are responsible for that your insurance policy doesn't cover. Policies vary per individual. Bluegrass Oxygen does our best to be accurate with these estimated fees prior to delivering your equipment. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee payment.

What is an Explanation of Benefits (EOB)?

An EOB explains how the insurance company pays your claim. All insurance companies provide EOBs, but on different schedules. Often, you will receive your EOB before Bluegrass Oxygen receives payment and/or rejection. If you have your EOB in front of you when calling our billing department, it can be helpful.

What if I have new insurance coverage?

Please call and inform us of any policy changes ASAP. Many insurance policies change at the end of the calendar year, please be aware of your health insurance coverage. When contacting us, please provide: Patient Name, New Insurance Company Name, ID/Policy Number, Phone Number on Back of Card.